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BioGenetik is a true cross-category fusion of new and old industrial music styles with additional rich sound design. Intelligent and broad lyrics are inspired by conspiracy, ancient aliens, iron fisted government, insidious science and apocalyptic visions.  Dark, driving, relentless, slightly distorted and deeply electronic.

BioGenetik began with Sonoprint in1994 as a punk-ified version of Ken Nordine styled recording and noisy live performances.  With the addition of an old Roland Juno 1, the music was experimental- but underway, and a departure from the space and ambient productions of Sonoprint.

In the early 2000’s more gear, better computers and software- helped facilitate the first industrial efforts under the Name Transmission 11:11 (although still active never released an album).  Drawing from traditional industrial influences and adding dark ambient backgrounds, that project was a springboard.  By the late 2010’s Mik started a solo project now known as BioGenetik, with the first album “The New Plague” produced and mixed in 2017 and released in 2018.  In 2019, the groundwork for a second album was laid and work began.  Production, revision and Mixing went through early 2021 and “Skeleton Fields” was finally out.  In early 2022 the next step in BioGenetik evolution was released and titled “Darkness Falls.”  Currently work on a 4th studio work is underway.

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